Color color color. Pretty pretty. Me so tired today -- I'm enroute to Orange County for work. I've been up since 4 and went to bed at midnight, because in true packer-procrastination-mode, I didn't even think about starting until 11 :) This trip should be fun and inspiring if all goes as planned. Maybe I'll even see a wall that looks half as cool as that one up there.

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future-transpo-boy-2 I couldn't resist. At work we are concepting ideas for Fall and one of the themes is Futurism. What is it, what isn't it, all that jazz. So, when I googled "the future" this is what I found, ha! I can't wait to mount a rocket like a pony and fly around!


Friday Fun Day? at the Ragnar Relay

shitballs This just about sums it up. Holy Shitballs.

I am headed (or literally doing it right now, who knows) to Blaine (which is the boarder between Canada and Washington) to participate in the Ragnar Relay. From there, I will run (with a team of 11 other people) from Blaine to Langley (which is on Whidbey Island). Um, that is 190 miles. Originally I was set to run 15.3 miles (you run three separate relay legs) ... but I just found out that a team member can't make it, and seeing that I am the team captain, it looks like I get to fill in. At first I was nervous, now I am just excited. Is that weird? Yes. I think I am going to run a total of 27 miles over the next two days. Wish me luck my friends and have a great weekend!