Procrastination Station

Color+Pattern_dsktI have a lot to do right now. Finish a website, design a bike kit (also know as the spandex outfit bike racers wear), get my holiday stuff up on Etsy, package my stock holiday stuff to ship to New York (yes! it's been sold, ya!!!), meet with a few clients to talk about custom holiday projects, design some cards for Hanukkah, design a custom card line for Treasure & Bond, design two wedding invitation suites, what else ... I guess I need to do my real job too, you know, that one that I spend most of my time at.

Ah well, I know I will get all of this done, so last night instead of actually doing this I ate a popcorn dinner while watching Modern Family, and I made you this. It's a little cray-cray, but it was fun. So here -- if you want it on your desktop like it is mine, you will click right here, right meow!