the weekend, the weekend

Tin TableVoo Doo I had a great weekend. Super great in fact. Yossy was here (and Pete too, hip hip hooray!), so that made things awesome automatically. We did a lot of stuff -- too much to write. That isn't true, I could write it, but I am tired (and I am planning on telling you with photos, so I don't want to spoil anything). So, I am leaving you with this: two snap shots of my weekend. The first is from the Tin Table where we had a little pick-me-up, and the second is from my studio. I was printing on Sunday and that Voodoo doll was staring at me!

PS. If you are wondering why I have Voodoo doll, a friend gave it to me when I was a kid -- I am too superstitious to get rid of it :)

[photo's by BDR]