Expert Advice, BDR-studio at Martha Stewart Weddings

BDR_Eva+Sam_laidoutSomeone decided that I am an expert, and when that someone is Martha Stewart, the least that I can do is agree! When Erin at Martha asked me to contribute, it was like, 'oh heck yes!' -- so off I went , expert-ing it up!

She asked me to write something short and sweet that would give brides-(and grooms)-to-be the insider scoop. Believe it or not, I create a lot of wedding invitations (I do not create a lot of photographic evidence of them), so I figured the theme, Wedding Invitation Inspiration, would fit the bill. Check out all that I had to say here.

P.S. I still can't believe this happened, OMG.

[photo taken by Yossy of Apt. 2B. A special thank you to Eva and Sam (who's wedding invitation that is) for being such wonderful friends and allowing me to be a part of your wedding.]