A New Addition // a paper cutter (that cuts a million sheets at a time)

Paper-CutterTeam, meet my new paper cutter!

I went down to Portland this weekend to pick this baby up from Joke -- OMG, it is everything thing that I dreamed of, and more. It's like a printers wet-dream. My God, this thing is amazing. Once I got it home and in position I had to take it for a spin -- I promptly grabbed a huge stack of my scrap paper and clamped it down -- to my shock/amazement (I didn't know what to expect) it sliced through the paper like butter. GAH! Do you know how much time this is going to save me? Hours I tell you, hours! Many of them, it is going to be awesome!

A huge thanks to Joke for thinking of me and selling this to me, I cannot tell you how excited that I am -- super, extra excited is a start.

[source, image by BDR]

Comb'n a Mustache

come_n_mustacheA friends father just turned 60, and the gift from the family was a memory book. Instead of buying one off the shelf, we bought the guts for a book and made our own book cover.

Amber said that when she was a kid her dad would always be running behind on family outings -- when they would ask their mom where he was she'd reply, "he's just comb'n his mustache." A perfect saying for a fun little book.

Here's a photo of the work in progress.

[photo by BDRstudio]